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Top 10 games for PC (2008)

Posted by topper10 on October 30, 2009

Making the list of top 10 games for pc 2008 was quite easy as I too had been making this list for myself so I could bring them and start playing. The reason was quite simple, I got a mean gaming CPU last summer and was excited to put it to test with the best of the games out there. So I thought why not sort out the list of top 10 games for pc: year 2008? I thought of looking up to Gamespot for the same reason as the source for this. Based on the rankings given by the Gamespot I’ve managed to bring this list. And I accept the list mainly because I’ve personally played more than 6 games in the list, and trust me; they are ALL AWESOME. So lets get started with the top 10 games for pc (2008).

10. Far Cry 2


Released on October 21, 2008, this game is a sequel to Far Cry 1. The first one had a lot of greenery and un countable mutants, but this time its a different story line and an entirely different arena to play in. The game is set in the deserts of Africa. You happen to have Malaria and are on a mission to capture a Notorious Drug dealer for which you’ll have to contact and earn reputation from many middle men. What sets Far Cry 2 apart from 1st part is its game play, there are hundreds of ways in which you can play a mission and tons of guns to play with. A cool feature is you can set the plants and grass on fire using a flame thrower and let the wind spread it and kill your target. You can even pull the bullets out of your arm and snap the bone. The assassination can be done during the nights to avoid attention and 24 hours day/night cycle is totally brilliant. Far Cry 2 scores really well in the case of graphics and game play and addiction. But it lets you down in the story line. What the heck! why do you need a story line to go bang the bad guy with a rocket launcher? Just get the gears and start pulling the trigger, the game is worth playing, and hence stands 10th among the top 10 games for pc in 2008.

9. Call of Duty: World at War


If you have spent your childhood playing arcade games like Contra, and if you have liked even 10% of earlier Call of Duty, I’m sure you’re gonna fall in love with this game. Gamespot gives COD world at war a staggering 8.5 ranking for all platforms. The game is just awesome. You begin as a soldier of Russian army and other armies one at a time unarmed and surrounded by enemies. You get saved by other soldiers and are given a weapon to enter into the battle. The game is fully mature and the guns and tanks are sure to sweep you off your feet. There are endless explosions and flash bombs which are made very very beautifully. The multiplayer in COD world at war still retains the gameplay from the COD modern warfare, so the ones who are used to the multiplayer gaming of COD modern warfare, then there would be lot more fun for them in COD world at war. COD world at war is the picturization of World war 2, and thus you’ll get weapons like Bayonet and Flamethrower with which you can burn down the Nazis :). The game runs very smooth in any gaming rig and is sure to kill your precious time, so get addicted wisely. That was our 9th game among the top 10 pc games of 2008.

8. Left 4 Dead


Now for the people who wake up, brush, eat and sleep with Counter Strike, there is a game made with the same engine. Yeah! Left 4 Dead was made with the Counter Strike Engine and you can imagine that the game play has to be equivalent to it. What’s game all about? Zombies, zombies and loads of them. You’d be thrilled by the opening cinematic, cos that in itself can be turned into a great movie! You can play any character among the 4 given to you, and great thing is you get a chance to save your friends from zombies and don’t worry they’ll save you when you get too intimate with the zombies. The AI of zombies is very well written. Until you see them they’ll all be just standing in a corner humming the zombie song ( 🙂 ) and as soon as you throw the flash light on them, all of them start rushing towards you! The game is hell of a fun to kill them all on a spree as the blood splashes across the floor and best part is you get to burn them with the Molotov’s. Yeah go play this game in the midnight and is no less than racing a car without a helmet!. Thats our 8th game in the TOP 10 PC GAMES OF 2008.

7. The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria


In the list of top ten pc games of 2008, we have a game for the people who always die to wear the ring and die again to keep it on their finger! yes! I’m talking about Lord of the Rings. As you might have guessed by now, LOTR online is an online multiplayer game which brings millions of people into a single virtual world. The great thing to talk about this game compared to other online games are the fact of how beautifully the worlds have been designed and decorated. You’d never get bored of exploring the lands of Moria because you can never get tired of beauty that has been put in the making of these beautiful maps. LOTR online has a great story line which will keep you gripped throughout the game and creating and using the legendary equipments in the game is absolute fun. The objectives in the missions that you take up keep varying and thus keeps the game compelling. You get to unhide thousands of treasures which then are necessary to level up in the game. LOTRO is fun to play as you never know when an Ogre might attack you from behind and you can get your hands dirty in battle. LOTRO Mines of Moria stands at the 7th place in the ten top games of 2008 for PC.

6. Crysis Warhead


Ok! Do I have to tell ANYTHING about this game? People went mad and haywire when they saw the trailer of Crysis! I mean I literally waited for this game to come out even though I knew very well I din’t haven had enough RAM to watch its HD trailer! With the advent of Crytek engine and some other cool physics integration, this game has shattered and found a new way of making games. I never imagined of cutting trees and killing eagles with my gun! And forget destroyable infrastructure and multi layered and ultra realistic explosions!. Crysis Warhead gets much better than Crysis with the escaped aliens on a flee all around the world and our dear Hero Nomad has to stop them all before they wipe the humanity out of the face of earth. The Nano suit gets even stronger in this game and you get to be nearly god like!. The considerable improvement has been in the AI of the aliens that keep floating above you. This time when you fight off the aliens, you are sure to get a chill. Crysis Warhead’s gameplay is similar to the earlier game but has added maps and play modes in the multiplayer mode. Crysis Warhead stands at a top 6th position among the top ten pc games of the year 2008.

5. Fallout 3


Now who doesn’t like the games of future? On the 5th position among the top 10 pc games of 2008, we have Fallout 3 from Bethesda Softworks. Set in the year of 2227, where world has seen many nuclear warfare and people are dwelling in the tunnels or vaults as they call it in the game, your task is to find your dad who has come out of vault into the open land. The most attracting part of the game is the scenery and the backdrop that is painted in the game. Washington DC’s post apocalyptic view is just mindblowingly brilliant. You’d see wastelands everywhere and you’d also encounter enemies spread across the land. The best part of the game is the fact that the player can choose as to how the game proceeds. Player can choose any destination to go and any mission to play. The game proceeds according to the choices made by the player. Bethesda has introduced VATS combat system which makes the first person experience even more realistic and intense. The freedom of choice means you can complete a mission in more than one ways. All in all Fallout 3 packs all the graphics and the gameplay that is required to glue you to the seats for next week. Go grab the 5th top among the top ten pc games of 2008.

4. Dead Space


Now if you were once horrified by playing Doom 3, then better don’t even think of playing this game. This game goes to be way way better than any first person or third person horror game. The story almost remains the same but its the game play and the graphics which makes all the difference. You are Isaac, an engineer who are supposed to repair the ship with which the earth has lost contact, and as soon as you get onto that ship you discover that something is utterly wrong. Infection has turned all the crew into monsters and they all want you to become one of them. So they start attacking you. The age old way of shooting the head to bring down the zombie might not work in this game, as you’d have to cut down the legs of the undead to bring it down. This kind of varied tactics for various creatures makes the game even more interesting. This makes it stand 4th among the top 10 pc games of 2008. Better thing about the game is the fact that there is no HUD elements to be seen, the Suit wore by Isaac acts as the HUD. The glowing spine indicates health and on need you can make him shoot out a 3d holograph which gives you even more details. All in all the game is really gripping and gruesome. It ain’t meant to be played by the weak hearted people.

3. World of Goo


For all those who were expecting a first person shooter or glass shattering racing game at the top 3rd position among the top ten pc games of 2008, you’d be disappointed. At this position we have a game whose installation is only 70mb big! World of Goo! Designed by only 2 people (mostly) This game surpasses all the limits that were enforced on a 2D game till date. Whats the game all about? Its only about connecting the dots and reaching a point. Now thats where all the fun lies, the structure that you make with goo balls wobbles and swings in an astonishingly realistic ways. The developers have used a combination of physics engine and open source graphics engine to bring you this visual treat. The game sounds are damn funny and you can actually enjoy that whenever you get hold of any goo ball. By the looks of the screenshots you might say yuck! But try solving one level of World of Goo and you’d know how beautifully the game is made. The game is also available for WII. If you have a mouse on your computer, then you should definitely give it a try!. That was our top 2nd pc game of 2008.

2. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King


Sometimes you just can’t get rid of the bests, when someone asks you what would be the best portable music player, you don’t have to think to answer “I-Pod”. Well, once again Blizzard Entertainment pushes their creation upon us and we rank it as the top 2nd best pc game of 2008. Wrath of Lich King expansion for WoW as the name suggests is about the Lich King being left free and unleashing his wrath. We always know that every other World of Warcraft is much better than the previous one, but how does this one stands aside from it previous ones? Lets see. Now when its the case of MMORPG games, especially in this case, there is nothing for the new players. So if at all you are entering the game now, you might say it all looks the same. Yes it will. The difference would be noticed by the players who have at least reached level 55. So if you are not at that level, probably this expansion might not do much to your gameplay. Added benefits here are the beautiful atmospheres and environments and the dungeons that are made available for everyone. Newest gameplay added is the Death Knight Class. Playing in the Death Knight Class is just brilliant. If you are a big time fan of World of Warcraft, then WOLK is not to be missed at any cost. Go give a try for the 2nd in the top 10 pc games of 2008.

1. GTA 4


I assume the end of the world or the end of the good is very near! Out of every million other game out there we choose Grand Theft Auto 4 as the top 1 among the top 10 games for pc 2008. Tell this to the fans of GTA and we’d be punched in the eye. Everyone who has played GTA knows how good every other GTA game is, ever since the GTA1, there has just been a constant innovation in every other release of the game. And as good as GTA San Andreas was, GTA 4 scores even better. Now when this game was released people slept, ate, slept, ate and slept in the queue to grab a copy of it. The number of sales on the first day of release has made a Guinness record. For the good part of the game, you get to play as Niko Bellic who comes to the Liberty City to meet his cousin and to find a person whom he has been searching since a long time and gets himself trapped in an un ending series of crimes. The graphics is breath taking compared to other GTA releases and you have more control of the character this time. The physics is brilliant in case of characters and vehicles too. Day night cycles are very beautifully made and the gun battles take a different height and can compete well enough with any third person shooter game out there. Although it requires a lot of resources on PC, but it still needs to be given a try. I’d rather suggest to go get GTA and play it on PS 3 as the porting from PS3 to PC isn’t that bug free. But if you do have a gaming rig, then Man!!! If you don’t have this game on your PC, You could’ve given that money to charity!

Well! That’s the end of our list of TOP 10 PC GAMES OF 2008.


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