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Top 10 most sexiest men of 2008

Posted by topper10 on October 30, 2009

Tired of looking at the top 10 sexiest women? here comes the list that might woo the girls away. TOP 10 SEXIEST MEN IN THE WORLD. Long time waiting girls! the wait is over. This list is a recompilation keeping in mind the people’s magazine survey. Thus this is not a personal opinion but the people’s opinion. Selecting the top 10 sexiest men in the world might be bit difficult because there are too many! you too might be considering yourself to be one among them 🙂 just kidding. Scientist feel that the sexiness of a person is likely to increase more along with his success. So don’t wonder if you see most successful people in the list. Here goes the top 10 sexiest men in the world alive!

10. Shemar Moore


On the tenth position of top 10 sexiest men list we have Shemar Moore. Born on 20th April 1970 in Oakland, Shemar graduated from Santa Clara University. Shemar started his acting career right from 1971 as a child actor! I wonder how many girls found him sexy that time :). He was seen in the TV series “Soul Train”. After that he took a break only to appear again in 1994 in the TV serial “Circus of the Stars Goes to Disneyland”. And from then on he has appeared in many TV serials and has been recognized world wide. Shemar has totally won 8 awards and has been nominated 9 more times. Shemar made more during the 90’s than lately. But it seems girls still like him and he still sticks as one of the sexiest man in the world among the top 10 sexiest men.

9. Javier Barden


In the 10th place among the list of top 10 sexiest men, we have Javier Barden. Born on 1st March 1969 in Spain, Javier made it big as an actor. He has scored very big with the Spanish TV serials and Spanish movies. Everyone knows that Spanish gentlemen are generally treated sexy. Thus this guy is no special exception. As of now Javier Barden happen to have 3 films in pipeline. What gets me about this guy is the sheer number of awards he has won in his lifetime. In fact his winnings are more than his just nominations. Javier Barden has won 62 various awards for acting and has been nominated 27 times. Whether or not his films gather fame, he is sure to gather girls’ attention and hearts. That was the 9th guy among the top ten sexiest men in the world.


8. Will Smith


Top 8th among the top 10 sexiest men in the world is no one other than the Legend! because he is legend. I’m sure I don’t have to explain as to why Will Smith must be among the sexiest. We all have seen how he saves the kitten when killer robot was at his back in iRobot! keeping that apart, born on 25th September 1968 in Philadelphia Will Smith happens to be multi talented chap. If you can just take the pain of looking at his profile in IMdB, you’d be astonished to find he has to do at least one thing with whatever there is to do with the movies and the TV serials. He has been the producer, the director, the actor, the musician and writer too! I bet no one can beat him in that for now!. With 2 Oscars won, he has also won 40 other awards. I’m just waiting for the 2nd I am legend! And who can forget the Bad boys sequels and Pursuit of Happyness? Way to go Smith! You just scored 8th position on the top 10 sexiest men in the world.

7. Dave Annable


Well on the 7th slot of top 10 sexiest men in the world, we have Dave Annable, born on 15th September 1979 in New York, and he had his childhood in Walden. Success of Dave is very recent. In fact he got well noticed from the show that aired in 2005 on FOX named Reunion. He actually started making it big in the year 2006 when he got the permanent role in the serial Brothers & Sisters aired on ABC channel. And for the people who hate college, Dave dropped out of college and finished his diploma from SUNY very very recently, on 15th may 2009. May be this is one more factor which adds to his sexiness. So guys the moral is very clear. Drop out of college and then later finish it after a long gap! you’re sure to be noticed. That was our 7th guy among the top 10 sexiest men in the world.

6. Johnny Depp


6th on the list of top 10 sexiest men list, we have Johnny Depp. I hope the list would change once the Public Enemies reaches every corner of the world. Born on 9th June 1963 in Owensboro, Johny Depp became know world wide from his character “Jack Sparrow” in the Pirates of the Carribean. It is a fact that all the films that have featured Johny have grossed more than 4 billion dollars worldwide. Johnny Depp has won 3 Oscars and has won other 34 awards and has been nominated for 48 awards. He also became popular because of the serial aired on Fox channel, “21 Jump street”. And I believe he became very sexier with the pirates of the Caribbean and he’ll also be seen in the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland”.

5. James McAvoy


Guess who just got sexier among the top 10 sexiest men in the world? Yeah! that’s right! Our “Wanted” guy. I didn’t know that dodging bullets would make one sexy! (I should start learning it). We’ve all seen James coupled with Angelina Jolie pulling off some cool action flicks in “wanted”. Born on 21st April 1979 in Scotland James got his first role in “The Near Room” in 1995 and went on to star in Regeneration. His drama serial Shameless won him comedy awards. He took off with his film The “Last King of Scotland”. And here is a quick info.. He was nominated for the best kiss award for the movie “wanted”. I’m sure he is really WANTED for so many hotties out there. That was our 5th among the top 10 sexiest men list.

4. Brad Pitt


To whom does the sexiest lady on earth go to? 4th among the top 10 sexiest men in the world? Hmm.. May be that is one reason why he has come down in the sexiest list. If Brad were alone, I believe he’d have been the top 1. But look at all those girls (and guys too) who still find him sexy!. Born on 18th December 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, he was raised in Springfield. His early acting began in “Dallas” right from 1987 (gosh! I was just born in that year). He found himself recognized when he took the role of supporting actor in twelve monkeys. But his breakthrough came when people found him in Fight club and Ocean’s series. And try not to forget the Benjamin Button! It swept the 2009 Oscars!. Brad both acts and Produces and does Husbandry for Jolie too! Way to go Brad!. So that was the top 4th sexiest man among the top ten sexiest people.

3. Ryan Reynolds


Oh come on! who says you should have Oscars and Armani to be sexy! look at the 3rd boy among the top 10 sexiest men in the world, Ryan; he doesn’t have that long tailed career, but yet has climbed up to the 3rd spot. How? looks does matter!. Born on October 23, 1976, has been ever since noticed as one of the brilliant Canadian TV actor ( majorly “Two guys and a girl”). He was born in Vancouver. Ryan began his career in the movies in 1993 with the “Ordinary Magic”. Ryan has been better noticed by the comedy roles that he has played, although he acted in the horror movie “The Amityville horror”. And we definitely saw how sexy he looked in the X men origins! Too bad he recently got himself a partner. Ryan stands 3rd among the top 10 sexiest men in the world.!

2. Patrick Dempsey


Who is running behind just one position among the top ten sexiest men in the whole world?? answer is Patrick! Born on 1966 Jan 13 in Lewiston was raised in Buckfield. What many people know about him is the fact that he is a race driver. Now how sexy is that! who doesn’t find the people with leather sexy? Dempsey appeared first on Torch Song Triology, and since then his career has been going upwards. Patrick has also been a great icon on the TV shows. Proof? Go watch Grey’s Anatomy which airs even today on ABC channel. If you don’t know ABC pays him 225000$ for every episode that he does in Grey’s Anatomy. Now that’s something really worth looking and counting at (vice versa?). He has won 2 Golden Globe awards and 4 other awards and 9 nominations. So that was Patrick Dempsey on 2nd position among the top 10 sexiest men in the world who gets all our girls “Enchanted” :).

1. Matt Damon


Now who gets to be the sexiest? The one who has bullet marks on his back and has forgotten his name? what? what was I writing? Yeah! Bourne Jason gets to be the sexiest man in the world! I’m sure I don’t have to explain you why he has to be the sexiest. Just grab Bourne series and cup it up with “The Departed” and the Oceans series, and what do you have? THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD! Born on 8th October 1970 in Boston, Jason has a long list of career successes to boast about. He got his break from the movie “Goodwill hunting”. The movie did sweep the box office and got Jason.. I mean Matt loads of awards and nominations. Then came his hit movies Fallen Angel and Stuck on You which too got him lot of credits. Matt has lots of movie coming this and the next year. All in all the conclusion is that the dark and amnesic characters are more prone to be sexy. I still wonder where did DeCaprio go? and what about Hugh Jackman? Anyways that was our top 1 sexiest man.

We thus conclude our list of top 10 sexiest men in the world.


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